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Have a look, why your city should install our smart bicycle counters

Cyclist counter

Track the number of cyclists to measure the need for bike amenities, such as bike parking and understand the need to invest in additional bike roads.

Pedestrian counter

Our solution could also count the number of people passing by the counter. This could give more insights about pedestrian traffic situation in the city.

Easy installation

Our counters use cameras instead of inductive loops or other sensors. That makes installation very fast and easy.

How it works?

Our bike counters use advanced video analytics to ensure highest possible accuracy. All the analysis is done locally in the device, thus the internet connection is required only to access statistics. All you need is the power cable – no pavement cutting, no problems.

Main features:

  • Displays the number of bicycles for today
  • Displays the number of bicycles for the whole year
  • Stores internally all the statistics (including optional people counting)
  • Optional internal battery for mounting on light poles purposes

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